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Dedicated Staff

JVP Hosting Solutions is made up of a closeknit group of like-minded individuals, whose commitment to the organization is an almost natural byproduct of who they are and what they’ve been doing and learning for the decade past.JVP Hosting Solutions takes dedicated technical assistance to the next level of professionalism by adopting a proactive approach, going beyond the typical reactive support mentality of other shared web hosting providers.

Jose Ponce CEO


Jose and Vali Ponce founded JVP back in 2008 as a freelance business. While pursuing additional streams of income Jose and Vali founded JVP Hosting Solutions. He will be one of the guys you speak to anytime you call in to request a quote or simply ask a question. He will take the time necessary to make sure your questions are answered to satisfaction.

Phone 337.368.9298
Email [email protected]

Vali Ponce CFO

Vali is the Financial Manager of JVP Business Solutions. Vali’s job is extremely important, but never really recognized, as our customers rarely come into contact with her. Vali takes care of our invoicing/billing and assists with Visual Design. Vali is an integral part of JVP, and is absolutely vital to it’s smooth operation.

Phone 337.368.4591
Email [email protected]

Jason Duncan CTO

Jason joined our team in early 2011. Jason has already proven himself to be a valuable member of the team. He is tasked with organizing the technology infrastructure and research. He is the brains behind our research and development. Jason thinks outside the box and will come up with creative solutions to any situation.

Phone 337.453.4301
Email [email protected]

Brad Beck Tech

Phone 337.453.4300
Email [email protected]

With a fascinating background in Forensic Science, Brad decided over 3 years ago to join JVP Hosting Solutions ever-growing world of IT! Brad’s expertise in UNIX-like systems and network technologies, made him the ideal candidate to lead our Engineering Team. He is in charge of our technical strategies and is heavy involved in our research and development initiatives.

Zac Breaux Sales

Phone 337.453.4300
Email [email protected]

Zac joined JVP Hosting Solutions as the Marketing Manager in 2010. His main responsibilities include running the marketing department and making sure that JVP Hosting Solutions stays on top of the competition when it comes to providing the best customer experience in the hosting industry.

James Vining DMCA

Phone 337.453.4300
Email [email protected]

James joined our JVP Hosting Solutions team in 2008. He is the person responsible for ensuring that our customers receive the best possible customer service. His cheerful nature makes him a “natural” as Customer Service Manager, and he is very popular with both our customers and our customer Service Team. What a star!

Our Guarantee

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 100+ Gbps capacity
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Enterprise Datacenters

Customer Review

“JVP Hosting Solutions utilizes the fastest and most reliable network I've ever hosted with.”

Jason Duncan, CEO DuncanWorks.com

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